Hosted VOIP

Why Hosted VOIP?

A Hosted PBX is a VoIP business telephone framework where the "PBX Hardware" lives in our Data Center. Rich in highlights, Intratel's facilitated PBX can spare huge forthright equipment charges on the grounds that the PBX programming/equipment sits remotely at our office and association is made to it from your office through our availability with high limit Internet Providers.

The upsides of a facilitated PBX are the lower expenses of establishment, equipment and progressing support. The main on location equipment required would be IP telephones which would associate with the Internet through a Router or Firewall gadget. Intratel keeps up the product and servers at the Data Center and gives specialized help.

Hosted VoIP is a fully managed cloud
based service saving your business time and money.

Hosted PBX systems offer a wealth of benefits such as low cost, scalability, and redundancy. Additionally, solutions come standard with features like call routing, transfer, call waiting, on-hold music, and more.

Hosted solutions make efficient use of office space, budgets, IT staff, as well as web connectivity. Hosted PBX services are also one of the most secure of offerings, where the provider has a vested interest in protecting your phone system and keeping it running at its best.

Hosted PBX systems offer a wealth of benefits

Be More Flexible

Newer applications from Hosted PBX systems are incredibly flexible.

Improve Your Company Image

You will be able to unlock far better customer service than you have with your analog phone vendor. You will appreciate 24/7 expert support, a better business continuity and other benefits.

Ideal Low-Cost Solution

This is an ideal, low-cost solution for enterprises of all sizes and is easily scalable to accommodate your company’s rapid growth.


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